Новая_песня от Superchick в память о умершем барабанщике!

Макс, клавишник группы  Superchick, написал свои размышления о умершем от рака, бывшем барабанщике, Чайзе Ловленсе, а так же представил новую песню «This is the tim», которая написана в память Чаезу.

Max Hsu: «Today I read of Maximillian Kolbe, a franciscan friar who volunteered to die for a stranger at Auschwitz. After discovering 3 prisoners had escaped, the camp commandment chose 10 men to be starved to death. When one of the selected men cried out «My wife! My children!» Kolbe volunteered to take his place. The man he saved lived another 53 years. That man knew what it was to live in gratitude for «the gift of life».

My friend Chase who played drums with us lost a battle with cancer at a young age. I’ve lived many more years than he had. If I had been able to take his place on the hospital bed I would say to Chase: Here is the rest of my life, live it well! Use it up! There is not time for worry or fear or doubt. Try everything you want to try! Love without reserve. Commit yourself fully. Live with purpose. Do the things today you were waiting to do because I don’t know how many days I can give you. I ask nothing in return, only that you live in a manner worthy of the gift.

Instead because I cannot give those years to Chase, it is I who must live «like my life’s worth dying for.»



This is the story of your life
A movie starring you
What’s the next scene have for you to do?
Leave the dishes in the sink
Leave your fear there too
Live the story you would write for you

Say Hey! Hey! Wake your heart!
and break break apart, the walls that keep you from being you
And walk, walk towards the light
And don’t stop till you live your life
Like someone died for you.

This is the time, to try
Step out, your life is waiting
and as you fall, you’ll find that you can fly.

You can find a million words
To build a wall of fear
Safe behind that wall, imprisoned here
Take that someday step today
To who you’re meant to be
And turn your plans to dreams so you can breathe

Ask anyone whose time is up
What they’d give for what you got
And how they’d live your life
Live like your life’s worth dying for
You just walked out that prison door
and you’ll know how to live your life.

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